“So far our culture
has valued money
and commercial
interest over any
common sense
preservation of the
Alamo compound,
as well as the
landscape of Texas.
We can do better.”

~ George Nelson, 
Artist, Archaeologist,



Reclaim rollover


Summing It All Up

    “Wow…is that all there is?” This is the typical query that echoes loud throughout Alamo Plaza from many thousands of visitors. Alamo visitorsThe reason for this is simple; presently it’s not a real Plaza, but a convoluted park. Therefore, the Alamo cannot reach its potential because the Plaza isn’t designed for success. Tourists become dissatisfied with the poor presentation or the absolute absence of authentic Texas history. It’s no wonder few people plan on a return visit to the Alamo. If this trend continues, tourists and businesses could look to invest their hard-earned dollars elsewhere.

Commercialism    Alamo Plaza has always struggled both physically and fundamentally to fulfill its many meanings. As one of America’s most famous historic sites, the Alamo and Alamo Plaza fail to reward the typical visitor (or the community) who naturally expects to feel that something quite extraordinary took place here. In the context of the intruding modern cityscape, there is less and less focus on history, and more on commercialism. From the incursion of the sideshow attractions and sidewalk venders to the throngs of people who use the Alamo as a backdrop to express themselves, this historical and sacred place has the appearance of a downtown carnival.

Plaza Protest    All over the nation, our uniquely American spaces are being challenged for their very existence. Alamo Plaza is definitely one of them. But this trend doesn’t have to continue; it can be reversed. If adopted and implemented, the Alamo Plaza Restoration Project can transform and revitalize the historic region by taking visitors on a thematic journey, providing them with the authentic experience people crave, and by intelligently engaging them. Reenactors on horsebackOne of the primary goals is to have the average visitor so awe-struck and grateful that he/she made this trip that they’ll continue on with a new-found direction, interest, or passion that they never knew was really there. We envision Alamo Plaza from a sense of abundance, not scarcity. The whole Texas story will be presented and told in numerous and creative ways. An open Plaza becomes a new, colorful, and active arena as visitors will be able to experience living history demonstrations, see, feel, and touch the past as history comes alive through the use of quality interpretive exhibits, cultural programs, and dynamic re-creations. 

   Although the Alamo Church is an inherent part of Alamo Plaza, the focus of the Alamo Plaza Project is the physical and fundamental transformation of Plaza itself. It is not in competition with the DRT's state charter as custodians of the Alamo complex (on the eastern side of the Plaza). Rather, the Plaza Project seeks to enhance the educational opportunities and historical experience and create a world class site.  

Rifleman silhouette    Alamo Plaza should be a place of dignity and pride. It is ground where brave and noble men gave their lives for what they believed in. With the support of the citizens of San Antonio, “the people of Texas,” and from “all Americans in the world,” we can effect positive and meaningful changes to the venerable old fortress and leave behind a proud and lasting legacy that will benefit generations for years to come. Let us remember the Alamo…again.

Class at Alamo

    The Alamo Plaza Restoration Project will be funded largely by grants received from historic foundations, businesses/corporations, and private donations from the general public.


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