“Never doubt
that a small group
of thoughtful,
committed people
can change the world.
Indeed it is the only
thing that ever has."

~ Michelle Mead,




A Star Reborn -
You Can Help

The dramatic story of the Alamo will only continue with your help. By entering your name and address below, you will "sign" our petition, adding your voice to the cry for the preservation, not only of the site, but of the spirit of the Alamo.

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  When Colonel Travis wrote his stirring letter of appeal, he addressed it "To the People of Texas & all Americans in the world." He realized that to be victorious he would need help, and not just from his fellow Texans, but from "all Americans." Travis would later draw a line in the sand and challenge his comrades to stand with him and fight the good fight.

  This is a battle we cannot win alone. So in the spirit of the Alamo's brave commander, we appeal to you to "come to our aid with all dispatch." We invite you to stand with us as we endeavor to reclaim hallowed ground and restore our heritage to its rightful place. Please help us save Alamo Plaza by "crossing the line" and making a donation to this noble cause.

The Texas History Center at Alamo Plaza, Inc.
501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization

P.O. Box 690696
San Antonio, TX 78269

President Jack Cowan: (210) 651-4709
Secretary/Treasurer Dr. Amy Jo Baker: (210) 493-8238
Gary L. Foreman: (219) 928-0200
Glenn Effler: (720) 982-8283