“The idea for a
museum in the old
Post Office is
right-on and
much needed.”

~ Paul Hutton, 
Professor of History  
at University of
New Mexico



Reclaim rollover



From the Old Post Office

to the Texas History
Center and Museum

Shell tank art     On the foundation and the ramparts of the north wall of the Plaza – the location where Travis fired his cannon and died – rests the old Post Office and Federal Building. The Plaza Project envisions this historic and grand structure as the home to the proposed Texas History Center and Museum. This spacious facility provides ample opportunity for the Plaza Project to get creative with the telling of the Texas story. There will be a wide range of high-tech and interactive exhibits, intuitive displays, historical art, and educational laboratories.

Plaza view of Post Office    For this phase of the Plaza Project to be successful, the civic leaders of San Antonio will need to petition the federal government and request a transfer of the historic Post Office to state ownership. Once the transfer is complete, the state, in cooperation with the planners of the Plaza Project, will convert the beautiful but under-utilized building into a comprehensive and dynamic museum. The structure will then become a magnet and hub that will attract and redirect many visitors and students to other sites in San Antonio and Texas.Museum displays

    Despite recent efforts by the Federal government to revitalize the Old Post Office and Federal Building at Alamo Plaza with tens of millions of dollars, the building's future no longer works for the long term benefit Museu Display 2of this vital historic site. The function and required security of this massive structure is absolutely contrary to the nature of a pedestrian oriented area that is trying to accommodate substantial doses of heritage tourism. Even the building's largest tenant, the FBI, recently moved out because this site can never meet the Homeland Security guidelines it needs. Simply, the ideal role for this 300,000 square foot building is to house a world class multi-media interpretive center and museum that can present the massive story of Texas and the American West to an international audience. The new facility would provide sorely needed space to house the tens of thousands of stored artifacts and priceless collections that currently have no home for public viewing.

Crowds    But the vision doesn't stop here. The new Texas History Center at Alamo Plaza would also serve educators and students from afar with distance learning programs as well as training centers for new technologies that would assist educators and advanced scholars. The on-going activities and research programs would dramatically stimulate a higher level of consciousness for needed growth in the immediate downtown area, something all San Antonio leaders have sought. And this, of course, stimulates more economic growth with industries that complement the burgeoning technologies in related communication and educational fields. The state of Texas has the opportunity to accommodate, present, and promote its unique and diverse heritage in ways that are truly authentic, tasteful, and inclusive. What more could you ask in the transformation of a famous battlefield?

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