“A nation with
no regard to its past
will have little future
 worth remembering.”

~ Abraham Lincoln, 
16th President



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vs. Self-Interest

Alamo Dawn

C1836 Alamo and class    Since its construction in the early 1700's, the Alamo has been a mission, a sanctuary, a refuge, a fort, a storage depot, and a shrine. During its many years of existence it has been used, abused, neglected, and disparaged. Throughout its turbulent history, the Alamo has unselfishly offered itself for the benefit of others. The region has long benefited from its affiliation with the Alamo and it's time to give something back to this treasured and inspiring symbol that has given so much to the people of Texas.

dinosaur    Today, visitors to the Alamo and Alamo Plaza who search the western boundary for structures of significant historical relevance will be disappointed. Instead of locating remnants of the past, they will be greeted by wax figures, the bearded lady, a ghoul, a dinosaur, and other entertainment oddities. Visitors will often find themselves verbally accosted by a carnival barker yelling and taunting as they pass by in search of authentic history. Does this non-historic atmosphere fit in with the "DEEP in the HEART" philosophy?Wax figures

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