“Could any society
have a more worthy,
more beneficial object,
than that of keeping
alive in a country its
patriotic enthusiasm, which, after all,
is the keynote to a
national greatness?"

~ Clara Driscoll, 
Texas Preservationist



Reclaim rollover



Class vs. Crass

reenactor    The Alamo Plaza Restoration Project offers a vision and a solid plan that will endow the city of San Antonio and Texas with numerous and long-lasting benefits. It provides for respectful and accurate interpretation Crockett & Susannahof historic characters and events. It will replace the carnival-like environment found in Alamo Plaza with a quality presentation of Texas’ rich and diverse history. It places emphasis on educational and cultural enlightenment while providing a pathway into Texas’ unique and colorful past.

Plaza Freaks    What type of image does the region want to project to corporations, small businesses, tourists, or to people who are seeking to relocate to a new location? The “Alamo City” has a proud and legendary history that is intertwined with a rich and diverse culture, and yet, San Antonio lacks uniqueness. It looks very much like any other major metropolitan area in the United States. The tourism industry injected $8.5+ Billion into San Antonio’s economy in 2008 and yet, it is so far below its potential. For San Antonio to be financially competitive Culturewith other cities throughout the country, it needs to make a firm commitment to move forward and establish proactive measures to develop and present its storied past in a way that will encourage visitors to return – again and again.

SA skyline

Alamo visitors    Today’s traveler is better educated, increasingly sophisticated, financially prudent, and more discriminating with their choice of destinations. The people who make the trip to San Antonio want to see and connect with the Alamo. They come to discover the UNIQUENESS of the famous site, tread in the footsteps of legendary hero’s, learn of the courageous battle, and experience history that is AUTHENTIC. The West Wall, as it currently exists, will not be on their agenda. Visitors want to see quality interpretation and exhibits, become engaged with the topic, and be lead on a thematic journey, whenever possible.reenactors 2

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