“Heritage tourists
stay longer and
spend more money.
Part of this process
is finding the right
balance for
San Antonio.”

~ Sharon Wasielewski,
San Antonio historic
preservation officer



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Anticipated Benefits

Alamo Dawn

Emily Morgan Hotel    The foreseeable economic benefits to San Antonio and to Texas are both obvious and numerous. Currently, the Alamo attracts approximately three million visitors annually. These visitors contribute significantly to the eight billion dollars tourists add to the local economy. It is believed that a fully realized Alamo Plaza Restoration Project will appreciably boost visitor numbers and participation and thus increase earnings. Employment opportunities will likewise rise as new workers will be needed to accommodate waves of additional tourists to the region. All visitor-related businesses; hotels, car rentals, restaurants, gift shops, area attractions, and neighboring establishments should experience a surge in customer patronage necessitating additional hirings. The supplementary increase in tax revenue collected by the city could aid in reducing the annual tax burden to residents.

    Alamo Plaza – an intrinsic part of the Alamo – is not merely open space but a sanguine battlefield; baptized with the blood of hundreds of men caught up in the epic struggle to define the future of Texas. It is ground with a robust history that needs to be protected. With the presentation of its intriguing past, San Antonio and Texas will enjoy the many benefits that come with the telling of the complete Texas story.Texan soldiers

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